Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 13 - Photography

Finally back up to date!!!

Today my boyfriend and I decided to go for a nice afternoon stroll

Turns out the town we live in has a little reservoir (which now just seems to be used for fishing) and it is so pretty. Today was so frosty too! Even in the afternoon sun.

I had a lot of fun taking macro shots of ice and frost.

I discovered a new love today....


Day 12 - Masks

I'm having a Masquerade themed party for my 21st birthday and today I started making decorations! I've started with masks, because they are essential! They are just basic right now, but I'm going to jazz them up with things like glitter, beads, ribbon, feathers and whatever else I can find!

I'll post some photo's of the finished items :) I'm hoping to make loads, but we'll see.


Day 11 - Digital Sketching

I tried a full body sketch in Open Canvas today. I find it really hard to draw big stuff on the PC.....I'm a traditional artist by heart and I love being able to feel what I'm doing. I also like to turn my page as I'm sketching to help me get smother lines and such. I tried this on the computer anyway though!

It's the infamous Harley Quinn :) One of out friends has been down lately and he seems to like her so this is for him. I am hoping to finish her at some point, but I've got a lot of colouring practise to do first.


Day 10 - Silly Stuff

Well today I was finishing the unpacking after my Christmas trip and came across the gift my sister gave me :) It was a LUSH gift box! If anyone has had a gift box recently from LUSH, you will know that they no longer use popcorn t keep their product safe, but something made from potato starch that looks a lot like multi-coloured "Wotsits". I've seen photo's of daft little sculptures that people have made from this packaging and just had t have a go!!

I have no idea what it is....


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 9 - Digital Art

Drawing on the computer is something that is entirely new to me. I've only been doing it for a week or two and I'm finding it really tricky, but I'm determined to make it work for me!

I actually have a mini-shop to sell some of my creations and one thing that I don't really have right now is a logo, so, I set to work with my new found love of my tablet <3

It looks a bit lame right now, but my boyfriend has promised to tidy it up for me at some point :)

New skills for the win!!


Day 8 - More Painting

Today I did a lot of painting on the dragons I made on day 5. They took so many coats of paint! I also got to play with Metallic acrylics paints which I love, they look beautiful.

Here's one, he's green with copper flecks on his body and pure copper awesome on his spikes.

And this little guy was a special request from my other half <3 He requested that he be red, like the Welsh dragon.


Day 7 - Ink

Ok, I know it's not actually day 7.....sorry. Although, while I haven't been posting every day (we've had a busy few days) I have been crafting every day so I will be slowly posting each creation throughout the day. :)

Day 7 I spent the afternoon visiting a family member and, while I only got home at around 8pm, my chosen craft for the day was a poor choice. I had decided to do a Japanese style watercolour painting. It didn't take me very long to realise that watercolour is actually a very slow process, what with waiting for layers of paint to dry and such, and it took me even less time to realise that I'm far to impatient ha ha.

I stuck with it however and the next day it was finished.

It's far from amazing, but I do quite like it :) I used Japanese inks that my parents bought me years ago.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 6 - Felt

I've been browsing Etsy and receiving e-mail shots from them too over the past couple of days. They are really gearing up for Valentine's day!! Naturally, I couldn't help but be influenced, so here is todays craft (on the back of my cat).

I love felt. For some reason it makes me think of being a child. A time when you use PVA glue to keep your felt pieces together rather than stitches.

I also discovered the beauty of ACEO's on my daily walk through the land of "Interweb". A trading card sized piece of art? Yes please! I collect "Magic the Gathering" cards so thee bite sized art pieces have instant appeal to me. So, guess what? That's right, today's felt craft is that typical ACEO size of 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 5 - Painting

I've done lot's of crafting today! I'm not going to bore you with chitter chatter, so here we go.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 4 - Polymer Clay

I adore polymer clay. It's my thing. I use it to make cutesy jewellery all the time, but I have never full on sculpted with it. So, today I sculpted away :)

Unfortunately, when it was time for my new little friend to go in the oven......he had a little accident. W had a rather major "drooping" issue and because of that some nasty cracks developed.


He looks kind of sad now.....

Well there's todays *failed* creation.

Better luck tomorrow!


Monday, 10 January 2011

Day 3 - Wire Wrapping

I'm pretty sure that I've only ever tried wire wrapping once before, but I know for certain that it was a complete failure! But, in the spirit of trying things I normally would avoid, I decided to give it a go today.

I must say, the whole thing went a lot smoother than I thought it would! I started out by just making the ring base which was ok, although when it came to decorating it I wasn't sure where to start. As you'll see, I did work it out in the end (by simply making it up).

Well, here we go!

I love that little foxy bead!! I bought it (and a few others) at a bead fair back in Newcastle a few years ago while my Mam and I were hunting for inspiration :) The other beads are just glass.

Hope you like!


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 2 - Crochet

It was a nice lazy Sunday today :) Well.....almost.

It was lovely to spend most of the day wrapped up in a duvet, browsing the web and listening to good music. But we did eventually have to go out and buy our dinner. Once I was up and about, something within me compelled me to tidy. Anyone who knows me will also know that this is highly unusual!

As I was tidying my clutter.....erm....workspace, I found that everything was just laying around and I didn't have enough storage. This is what prompted today's creation.

A crochet pot!

With my fish tank in the background...Hello there Murasaki fish.

And a close up.....mostly to show the real colour of the wool.

It took me about 2 hours of distracted crocheting, in the dark. It's about 4-5 inches tall and I think it's adorable. I'm totally making more in varying sizes!!


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 1 - Origami

Well today started badly with me feeling so ill I wasn't sure I'd get around to doing anything at all :( But I was determined! So I had to figure out something to do which didn't mean having to move from my cosy spot on the sofa. Luckily I had a pad of paper within arms reach!

I haven't even attempted any origami in about 4 years and even so, last time I did anything it was only paper cranes. I did a search online for a tutorial and found 2 to try out :)

It took me a few attempts but I ended up with a fox and a water lily!! (Yes, that is a water lily)

So, that's day 1 out of the way! It'll be better tomorrow I promise.


Friday, 7 January 2011

I feel an introduction is in order.

Hi. My name is Helen, I live in South West Wales with my partner Adam an I am a crafting addict!

I have decided that, instead of making pointless new years resolutions that I will never keep, I am going to take on a year long project. During thi project i am going to create at least one thing everyday and post it right here. Unfortunately I've decided to start late so, instead of completing 365 projects in one year, I will (hopefully) have completed 357 projects by January 1st 2012.

Wish me luck!!